The Turning of the Tide: Election night November 2011

Here, we present a look back to the Gawnews Election night coverage the night that Mike Moore won his first term over Tom Galligan.  This, as they say, was the beginning of the end.  It marked the visible palpable end of Clark County Democrat dominance.    After this night,  the local Republican party went on to gather strength and charge on up to the total dominance in the county it enjoys today.  Here are gathered some interesting local notables. It’s interesting to see their comments on the changing tide.  I believe that Larry Wilder sensed that something was in the wind…note his ‘too close to call’ comment.  YMC is prescient as well, his caution is revealed when he comments on the narrow victory margin he predicts for his candidate (he worked like a demon for Tom Galligan in that campaign).

An interesting aside is to note Mr. Wilder’s comments on absentee ballots about half way through the first video.

In part 2,  watch YMC absolutely NAIL the prediction for the at large council race. Also note

YMC’s and Goliath’s comments on Zach Payne.   Another point of interest is Larry Wilder’s prophetic observations about pre-election polling and the effect social media.  This came back to smack the MSM  in the face in 2016.