Now I see what has been going on.  While Goliath out laboring in the fields of woe…helping the young husband what run afoul of the King’s men racing about in a chariot after too many flagons of wine or yanking the chesty young blades that got all hepped up and stole some swag but not have the brain power to out think the local constable,   Or maybe going over to a ne’er do well pater familias and knock sense into him so he pays shekels and chickens to the mother of his baby mama babies…. While Goliath doing many and many of

these here good deeds,   Cindyloonyhoos and Batbrains HT are colluding and conspiring to damage the reputation and mighty hand of Goliath.  

(Goliath as imagined by HT and CLH)

Does they not recall the ugly lessons of the past?  This short lifer’s  got so caught up in the passions and causes of the day they aint’ got the perspective to look at the good old LONG VIEW.

First, let us all agree that HT’s Batblog is a poor shade and imitation of the original “Goliathandwimmens”blogspot.     We kinda hate to point it out,  but the low tech qualities that caused Goliath to transition from  “blogger” to Wirdpress  are beyond the technical capability of HT so, alas, he still operating on the same old,  2009  platform.  (Yawn).

Meanwhile Cindiloohoo,  the self style Queen of the blogosphere would do well to remember how she was routinely bested in cyberwar by Abbysnanna back in the day. Cindi was routinely flogged intellectually,  with word play and with fact until she (Cindi) had to retire tail tucked between the legs.   Sad!  Obviously Cindi is feeling the power vacuum over  in the Clark County Dems and like a good opportunist is trying to pivot on

this upcoming Chairman election to elevate herself to the echelons of highest power where her Narcissitic and Egomaniacal desires can be given FULL SCOPE.   Can she deny this here?   This might be how

Cindi imagines her wielding of power and glory …so BEWARE:

And HT?   The reality a little different from the glamor man of action, (Most Exciting man in Pekin) portrayed by HT on the Batblog.