We are so screwed

Well, I hear that Attorney Mary Jo White is gonna have a smooth ride to being approved as Obama’s nominee for chairwoman of the SEC.     Touted as having prosecuted John Gotti and the 1993 World trade Center bombers,  she’s spent the last decade defending EVIL DOERS at JP Morgan and other MASSIVE Wall Streeters.  Her Husband will continue to defend White Collar Criminals on Wall Street…but…Hey,  that’s no Problem right?  Guess what White will make as Chairman…. here it is…$165,000 a year.  You read that right.  That MUST BE a MASSIVE pay cut. ( She reportedly earns ‘millions’ defending her portfolio of white collar wall street clients see hyperlink below)  But I guess it’s all about the PUBLIC SERVICE. Gee whizz though, one hundred sixty five bucks in NYC won’t hardly get you through Starbucks.

Right.  Meanwhile the outgoing Chair Mary Shapiro  Just got nominated for a seat on the board of directors for General Electric.  For that post she will be paid (at least) $250,000 …that’s just to come to board meetings say..once a month …maybe?   Good times. But it’s nice to see the ladies getting in on the old revolving door between public service and private Swag gathering.  I’m sure  both Marys are WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Nah…nothing to see here. Move along people!