Weekend Inspiration: (goliath really needs some)

UPDATE: KARMA MUCH BETTER ON SATURDAY:  Goliath reports that his karma is much improved from Friday.  Due in some measure to repeated listening to “ONE” video but, also, time at the Compound with the Sprout and Sheba El-AL.

This weekend, Goliath REALLY needs some weekend inspiration. After all, he was forced to give Mike Moore some credit (oww!)  Forced to sit on not one, but THREE stories just because Goliath is TEPID (or…maybe can’t bring himself to spread the pain).   Meanwhile,  has to hear the depressing tale of Lisa ShulerShuler, Lisa wb.jpg what killed (allegedly) Charlie Pierce, kentuckian, so her husband don’t see the fotos she and Charlie made together. http://newsandtribune.com/local/x6227460/Police-Woman-murdered-man-during-sexual-role-play Meanwhile,  Clark County is 5 MILLION dollars in the RED.  (per authority).

Nitwits are OBSESSED with Benghazi.  Yeah. Goliath could get worked up on BenGhazi if there was some thing there. But the rabid Republicans/Teabaggers wants to conspiratize this.  What a shock. This is basically the same outfit that half of which Goliath learns believe we are gonna have “ARMED REBELLION”.

Is that nitwit thinking? Yes it IS nit wit thinking. Nobody is coming for your guns nit wits. No one is coming to put you in a fema camp ..nit wit. These here is idears and delusions that ALex Jones and Glen Beck use to sell GOLD and Lifetime supplies of Soy BEANS and Ammo.  NOw, LISTEN UP nitwits what believe this here….Sorry,  the ghosts of those that suffered real oppression are CURSING YOU from the afterlife for being such spoiled babies that you would EVEN IMAGINE…what you are facing is OPPRESSION and TYRANNY.   The only one that ain’t cursing you is Anne Frank. She is too nice …even in the afterlife.

Let Goliath remind you Paranoid NUTS ….Charlie Manson’s big gig was his believe that USA was headed for ARMED REBELLION . yeah,  the Blacks was gonna rise up and it was going to be ON!! He decided to “off some whities”  and try and make it look like Black people done the crime. Don’t it bother you that you are THINKING LIKE CHARLIE MANSON?  Dad blast it at least he has the excuse of HUNDREDS OF ACID TRIPS to WARP his mind…what’s your excuse NUTS?  Too much Coca Cola, Cheetos and episodes of “America’s Got Talent”?  What?    So…Goliath offer you and me something so much better than all the above: Weekend Inspiration: