Weekend Inspiration: JEFFERSONVILLE “BRING YER GUNS TO THUNDER” vs. Johnny Cash

In a special dedication to Jeffersonville’s invitation to bring yer Guns to THUNDER OVER LOUISVILLE we dedicate this song.  It was pretty funny… Louisville FBI release MEMO scares hell out of all and the many,  by saying DEADLY gang of Louisville Middle Schoolers is stealing GUNS off trains what run throught the West END of Louisville and are planning an ‘EVENT’ for their big GANG at THUNDER OVER LOUISVILLE.  Meanwhile here come CITY OF JEFFERSONVILLE….just when peoples is scared up good and say BRING YE GUNS to THUNDER O’r LOUISVILLE!!! HA HA HA!!

Here what Republican Mayor’s City attorney and sometime guest of Gawnews say, (according to the NT) “Merkley said the city has banned weapons from Thunder for a few years now, but this is the first year he’s had any response. “I would think it’s because the city publicized the list and the preparations for Thunder this year more than any year,” he said. Merkley said he was not aware there was an issue until last night, but he removed the item from the list Thursday morning to abide by state law.“Nobody brought it up,” he said. Officials’ oversight of the law in the last few years was a mistake, he said.“I don’t think the Thunder committee realized that the law had changed in 2011 that basically prohibited local governments from regulating the possession of firearms,” Merkley said.

GOLIATH loving this whole Idea…. We gonna have 1000’s of ARMED REDNECKS DRUNKED UP AS HELL down on the River..all excited by Fireworks and Fancy Planes and the City say “SURE…Bring yer Guns PEople!!”  That so GREAT!!  But…in honor of all this Here the GAWNEWS weekend inspirations: