Weirdness in Clark County

Since there is no evidence on view,  just allegations, it’s kinda hard to discuss today’s news with any intelligence.  Assuming (for now) the allegations are true…..there would still be some serious questions.

a.  Why is the FBI and Indiana State Police investigating the crime of prostitution in Louisville? 

Goliath would understand if the Public Corruption Group  (PWIG) found a Sheriff was trading ‘protection’ to conduct activity for sexual favors.  That’s public corruption.  But there isn’t a whiff of that on this case…so far.  If this winds up being a case of a sixty year old married man lying about being unfaithful with a prostitute…..Shackling the guy and dragging him to Indianapolis to stand before a Federal Judge seems a bit extreme. I guess there is …I don’t know…using police regalia to get a discount at the hotel that’s not true…that’s …what…misusing your regalia? But, it sounds kinda stupid.

b. Who is this mysterious woman who snags Sheriffs?

To me it’s kinda weird that apparently we have one woman who says she had an affair with Boone County Sheriff Ken Campbell for a few years and this same woman is reportedly the same woman who comes down and snags Rodden.  What exactly is her role?

Madame X  talked to the Indy star…but the Indy Star did not reveal her name…check it…”

The Star spoke recently to a woman who identified herself as a prostitute and who said that she and Campbell began a consensual sexual relationship in November 2010 that continued until a few months ago.

The 32-year-old woman insisted Campbell never paid for their sexual encounters, even though she typically charges $200 an hour. She did however, say that Campbell knew she was a prostitute before the relationship began.

“I met him in a shooting class,” she said. “I actually ended up using his (gun).”

The woman also said that on April 29, two detectives interviewed her about her relationship with Campbell. The interview took about three hours, she said.”

Here’s the link:

So,  she talks to a  couple detectives April 29….and then, according to the indictment, somebody (a federal detective I guess) comes to talk to Rodden a couple weeks later….and he denies having anything to do with her.  (The indictment claims agents interviewed Rodden on May 27, 29 and June 5).  The USAG said this was a recent investigation only a couple months old.  So…who is “Madame X” ?

c.  Wonder why no charges yet against the Boone County Sheriff? It sounds like he actually had an ongoing relationship …or received steady sexual favors… with a hooker and ‘looked the other way’ for a considerable time.  That sounds like corruption of the sort PWIG should be after?   Sexual favors in return for immunity?  I dunno ….but that guy hasn’t been charged with anything. What’s up with that?  Why the different treatment?


If this  turns out to be limited to just this incident….Goliath be pretty disgusted with Joe Hogsett and company.  As far as Can recall in Jeffersonville…we saw these guys prosecuting friendly well known and loved and HARMLESS Bookies and now Danny for this.  Guys….. thanks for protecting us from our bookies and Busting the Nookie racket. What’s next?  Indicting the Schimpffs for squashing pennies to make souvenirs? Hey …. that’s defacing US CURRENCY !!!