Welcome to the BatBlog

wallpaper_dark_knight_batblog2Looks like the Big G has abandoned this site so HT and his trusty side kick Pesty Flannigan have initiated a coup and as of today have seized GAW and it is now under their sole control. In order to revive this dead site HT  along with Pesty promises to bring you stories , commentary and pictorials to bring some life and entertainment much like the “Award winning ” BatBlog has provided over the past 4 years…._Award_Winner No more boring art or Emma Thrask you can expect Quality entertainment from now on…Hard hitting commentary , political analysis  nice pictorials and guest visits from Tammy and her sister Pammy as well Jeffersonville bon vi vant Pesty Flannigan….Don’t change that dial your now on board with the 2011 Best Internet site HT’s BATBLOGbb1


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