Well, they fired her. Medal of Valor winner FIRED!!!

A few days ago Gawnews reported on the story of Laura Schook.  Decorated as a hero by the NAPD a few years ago….she had the stuff to bring forward her claims of corruption in the City Police Department that apparently led to the resignation of Chief Sherri Knight and others.  See Earlier story 

Of course her claims were debunked by all investigating agencies which included the NAPD, the ISP and an ‘outside contractor’  to clear her brother officers…including a Detective who also came through a Grand Jury investigation of breaking into his ex girlfriend’s house without a scratch.  All innocent goings on. Not even cause for a job discipline action…but Officer Schook?


Now, I don’t know about her claims about these guys and gals working other jobs on the city clock…but I KNOW CHIEF KNIGHT had to resign…over something and I know the Detective BROKE IN to his ex’s residence and she was terrified of ‘pressing charges’ yet he has his job…… and Schook don’t.

Forgive Gawnews for scoffing at the bullshit.

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  1. Stephanie day
    January 1, 2015 at 10:56 am

    Please take a look at Gary humphrey face book page. He has continuously publicly bashed my sister publicly for months. Of our ex cheif knight had her input as well as Eric Higdon! All 3 where in Laura’s complaint. Funny thing is sherry Knight implemented a policy in 2013 that “forbids” officers from posting on social media regarding the NAPD. But yet has has been allowed to and new chief Bailey was informed several times of the bullying. Part of Laura’s charges are for violating policy for speaking to the media, but what about these 3 officers??? This is what she has been dealing with for years! Please support her.
    Did you know the merit board had none of her proof when the dictision was made? I bet they never even saw the so called investigation reports.. Nobody else has seen them. You would think Laura would get a copy to defend herself!! This is a circus!!!

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