What happens when a cop is a ‘whistleblower’ ???

It looks like they get screwed….or threatened with being screwed.  Laura Schook

“Schook stated in May that NAPD officers Gary Humphrey and Jon Tucker falsified time sheets, as she said they reported being on the clock for the city during hours when they were actually working for their private businesses.”

This is the claim of Officer Laura Schook. You know, former ‘Medal of Valor’ winner?

Anyway….according to investimergations by the NAPD, the ISP and  INTEGRITY HR,  it is evident she was all wet.  Now, (ho ho ho)  it turns out SHE is the one under the gun.  Just like old Frank Serpico.  He refused to ‘go along to get along’ with the corruption and lies.  They led him to a dad blasted ambush!

This the same Gary Humphrey caught breaking into his ex girlfriend’s house….an act that woulda got you or me thrown in jail…but with Humphrey,  The Floyd County Prosecutor said ‘no big deal.’

New Albany Police Department assistant chief of detectives and Sgt. Gary Humphrey was not indicted following a grand jury held this week that addressed claims he broke into the downtown New Albany business, Bread and Breakfast, which is also the home of its owner.

Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson addressed area media Wednesday regarding the grand jury’s verdict, and identified the incident that led to allegations against Humphrey as a “domestic situation.” Story by Gary Popp

This is the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of our Community not shocked by the Ferguson Grand Jury or the New York Grand Jury. Heck….watch ’em go after Laura Schook now.  She had the audacity to cross the ‘thin blue line’.  She gonna pay HELL.