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3 comments for “What is the Jeffersonville City Council? “INSANE MOVES FOR $400 Alex”

  1. 'Hood
    November 27, 2014 at 10:08 am

    Special to the
    GAW News Bureau “At the End of the Day Desk”


    The story-of-the-day is that The News-Tribune wants the noted GSL
    to write a front page ‘Opinion Piece’
    for them on the benefit of the Historic Jeffersonville City Court !
    The Award Winning court has seen fifty-four (54) years of excellent service to the Citizens of Clark County.
    Eight separate judges going back to 1960.

    The front page piece would honor Owen Voit
    the great former publisher
    of The Evening News.

    The Fabled and Distinguished N-T Reporter MK
    and The Poet-Warrior Goliath,
    as emissary for the GSL,
    are expected to have
    a Summit Conference.
    A meeting of the minds.

    A date, time, and place to set the meet and deliver the piece
    to the News-Tribune is to be decided.
    The shape of the table will also have to determined.

    The meet can be held at either the 1% Ritzy Goliath Compound
    or the News-Tribune Fortress Bunker.
    JN and TG both concur.
    The TJL III and DM,
    both of Very Cool Old School Journalism Fame,
    will be the moderators and interpreters for the meeting,
    it is rumored…..
    Those two distinguished journalists have always supported the JCC and its quest for justice,
    it is also rumored.

    Ahh, an intelligent solution
    to the misguided power play
    that had beseeched the youthful Jeffersonville City Council
    is on the way….
    The city council has been badly manipulated by sinister forces
    and it is hoped that they will come to their senses
    before the citizens of Clark County are harmed.

  2. 'Hood
    November 27, 2014 at 10:31 am

    GAW News Bureau “At the End of the Day Desk”

    More Breaking News!

    The very fair reporter for the N-T, MK,
    has obtained excellent intel
    from a confab where Spring Street
    meets Riverside Drive.
    The rumor is that MK has learned the Top Secret Identity
    of the ancient and evil political trouble maker,
    the sinister/infamous B L O A T E D T O A D !

    The Bloated Toad is no longer active in the Clark County Political Wars,
    having moved away from Clark County into a highly guarded mountain retreat,
    but his Evil Spirit of Nastiness and Destruction lives on in infamy……

    Only five people now “actively” know the identity of the Bloated Toad.

    Will MK and the N-T
    in concert with the GAW News Bureau
    work together in the spirit of Ernie Pyle
    to save the citizens of Clark County from this horrible abomination of justice?
    The evil that has been “tricked into the hearts of some members of the Jeffersonville City Council” can be removed with intelligent discussion and action.
    Pray for them.

  3. Bonnie
    December 2, 2014 at 9:38 am

    If this wasn’t a sinister move of the bloated toad, then there is a new boss hogg in town.

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