What my father, Doug Chinn, taught me:

Photo by:  Tyler Stewart of NAT

Doug Chinn Photo by: Tyler Stewart of NAT

My grandfather, told my father, the same thing my father told me when I was young.


You can consider yourself a wealthy man if you can count five true friends.

In this regard, some days I feel rich and other days I feel flat broke.

I’ve put my father through more suffering, emberassment and disappointment than any father should endure. 

But he always stood by me and even at my age, one of my main goals in life is to make him proud. 

It may not happen that much, but when I think I’ve accomplished something positive, he’s the first person I call and tell. 

No matter how many individuals or friends that care for me, I’m a wealthy man because my father’s always at the top of that list. 

He’s my hero, best friend, and some mom proud call my father.

I love you “pal.”