Why am I obsessed with music?

I don’t have any musical talent. I’ve attempted to play the clarinet, drums, piano, turntables and gloriously failed creating music on all software projects I’ve attempted. My favorite activity is going to concerts, my favorite t-shirts promote some artist and I think there’s a Bob Dylan lyric to correctly identify a solution to any problem in life.

So, why then, am I so damn obsessed with music? To me, one of the most enjoyable moments in life is when someone sends me a song and says, “hey, check this out. I think you’ll enjoy it.” I listen closely and evaluate it. Most of the time the sender is right. It should also be pointed out that I’m not picky when it comes to music, I enjoy and get lost listening to music of several different genres. From blue note jazz to Spanish Flemenco, I enjoy it all.

I just enjoy listening to music. I must listen to music.

One thing I do is attribute many songs to people in my life. Certain lyrics, rhythms, music videos, voices and sounds will make me think of someone in my life. That person could be someone active in my past or present life.

Often times, I can’t recall what I was doing specifically, but I can remember who I was with when I first heard a certain song. This also applies to specific periods of my life. Like many people, when I hear some some song, I think back to a certain time of my life. A high school dance or perhaps bonding with college roommates.

I feel like if I sat down I could make an autobiographical soundtrack to my life. I can remember a certain song that was playing during a tragedy in my life, several funerals, the time I was heartbroken and playing certain songs that made think of a former lover, songs or concerts we enjoyed together or songs that correctly painted the landscape of my little broken heart.

But it’s not all gloom and sadness. Many songs take me back to summers I spent with friends, or a time I would discover a certain artist from the recommendation of a friend. Or, (and I absolutely love this part) when I stumble upon an artist and recommend them to someone who ends up falling in love with their music.

One of the worst punishments I’ve endured was being kept away from the ability to discover new music. I shudder at the thought of that time of my life.

I could go on and on about my love for music, but like most great songs, it’s best kept short and right to the point.

Here’s a song I was recommended today. Have a great day.