“You aren’t Dustin White”!!!

Sometime,  as GSL tells it,  a lawyer don’t meet his client right away. First,  sometimes the person come hire the lawyer….and then communicate by email or phone calls for a while.

This here the story of Dustin White.  

Dustin tell how,  he meets with his client for the first time in person.  Client says….”Wait,  I want to talk to Dustin.”

“What do you mean? I am Dustin”.  says Dustin.

“Look,  I have talked to Dustin a half dozen times on the telephone…I even have his card” (Shows card of Dustin White)

Dustin says, “Yeah…that’s me…THAT is  MY card!”

“C’mon…”  says the client,  “The guy I been talking to is a WHITE guy.”