“The Coven” Myth or reality?

From time to time Goliath has mentioned ‘the Coven’…. a group of wimmens that are lawyers who practice in the domestic sphere.  Some have asked…..”Is there really and truly a group of wimmens lawyers who are wicked witches that tear you inside and out in Family Law Court?”   Well…of course Goliath tell the truth but…still some not believe this here.  However, Goliath now has proof.  One of the member of the Coven recently caught on picture what was put on Facebook.  Case CLOSED!!!!


Pride of the Dipshits Episode VI

If you follow Goliath’s awe inspiring series “Pride of the Dipshits” you will have done already encountered Gavin Seim. Last time we feature Gavin, he was bullying a couple granny types who worked for FEMA and handing out information at a Home Depot. See http://gawnews.com/pride-of-the-dipshits-episode-v/

Gavin done stepped his game for Episode VI ,  hassling a cop for driving an unmarked car.  If you watch this here what amaze Goliath is that the cop actually indulged Seim in his dipshit folly with good humor. Check it out:

Gavin pretty much soils his panties getting to talk to a cop.  Goliath guesses Gavin the dipshit probly rides a recumbent bicycle too.

Here’s what the statute dipshit is relying on ACTUALLY says: This section shall not apply to vehicles of a sheriff’s office, local police department, or any vehicles used by local peace officers under public authority for special undercover or confidential investigative purposes. This subsection shall not apply to: (a) Any municipal transit vehicle operated for purposes of providing public mass transportation; (b) any vehicle governed by the requirements of subsection (4) of this section; nor to (c) any motor vehicle on loan to a school district for driver training purposes. It shall be lawful and constitute compliance with the provisions of this section, however, for the governing body of the appropriate county, city, town, or public body other than the state of Washington or its agencies to adopt and use a distinctive insignia which shall be not less than six inches in diameter across its smallest dimension and which shall be displayed conspicuously on the right and left sides of the vehicle. Such insignia shall be in a color or colors contrasting with the vehicle to which applied for maximum visibility


(3) Subsection (2) of this section shall not apply to vehicles used by the Washington state patrol for general undercover or confidential investigative purposes. Traffic control vehicles of the Washington state patrol may be exempted from the requirements of subsection (2) of this section at the discretion of the chief of the Washington state patrol

Mayor Mikey has again channeled his Inner-Dumbass

may•or (ˈmeɪ ər, mɛər) 

the chief executive official of a municipality.

[1250–1300; Middle English mair < Old French < Medieval Latin, Latin major]
I could be wrong…however I can not find a definition for MAYOR that has any inclination of being a sophomoric-AssBag.
Much to my chagrin this morning while perusing my Facebook feed I found this dandy that Mayor Mikey was boasting about.  I bet his handlers are swigging from a big bottle of Pepto Bismol or better yet have probably all been put on some type of IV Drip to combat the constant state of nausea and embarrassment. sona
Now I’m sure, because he always thinks he is the smartest person in the room, he has already prepared some bullshit response to those that question the true meaning of SONA.  He probably has a variety of alternative meanings already picked out for whoever the person is that asks him to clarify…
For those that may be sucked into his bullshit reasoning for promoting this garbage, It means Shit On New Albany
Trust me when I say that I am not offended by the foul language implied.  I am embarrassed for our City and the Citizens that this clown represents.  I’m waiting on someone to please explain to me how using an acronym like this does anything but form divisive lines between neighboring municipalities.
I bet while he was having this thing typed up (Because he’s Mayor Mikey and he don’t do no wimmens work like typing) he had his chest puffed out like a peacock in his smedium shirt, arm wrapped firmly around his body whilst patting his own dumbass on the back.
I understand rivalry and getting in a few friendly shots at the opposing team for the sake a good competition.  This is part of the fun of organized sports.  But this buffoon has taken it to an entire new level of immaturity…
I hear he wanted to incorporate some of the following pictures in his declaration but couldn’t find anyone good enough with Photoshop that could put Red Devil Shirts on any of these images…soccergirlelephantI guess if those who elected this Jagoff continue to condone his rude, inappropriate, behavior…We may get four more years of this SHIT!

MICK CASTLEBERRY for Jeffersonville Township Advisory Board

Goliath and the all and the many knows very very well what MUST be the choice when it comes to this office when you go in an vote a couple times in November. Mick …let me just say….this is a guy that represents all of Jeffersonville and in the very best way. Mick was an entrepreneur before being an entrepreneur was cool.   Mick knows and loves Jeffersonville and all us critters that live or work here.  He is precisely the sort person that should be on a local community board making decisions about local policy and local government.  Here’s a picture of Mick with his beautiful family: 

This is a person who is kind,  insightful, business minded and honest.  A straight up and down the line fellow. Also, when Goliath was at Greaser’s grave the other night…Greaser instructed that ALL FOGs (Friends of Greaser) MUST vote for Mick as many times as possible and if you don’t you will be haunted by some deceased pscychic vampires Greaser now has doing his bidding.

As far as those other candidates…. I guess they might be alright (except for Jamie Hudgins… the less said the better about him).  But, really, they could put Mick on this board by himself and it would be just fine.