Madisen Ward and the Momma Bear

Well, this has been on repeat on in my ear all day.

I’d heard rumblings about Madisen Ward and the Momma Bear, a mother and son duo from Missouri, and about two weeks ago heard a live version of one of their songs and made a note to check them out.
Then today Madisen Ward and The Momma Bear was added to the (already stellar) Forecastle Festival.

Wish my mom and I could make music together.

Gawnews remembers: The poetry of “ismileutoo” , SAFE WORDS

In May,  2010,  the CCC poster, Ismileutoo ,  who was always many steps above the likes of Goliath, Pesty,  and many, many others who posted there and on Goliathandwimmens,  did Goliath the mighty favor of submitting a poem which Goliath swiftly posted.  Ismile presented it amidst the then vibrant debate about the Chatter’s ‘censoring’ of people and banning of others. Here is Ismile’s poem, “Safe Words” by Request.



“Safe Words”

watts a mattah
wit the chattah
do u meen 2 say?
a simpel werd about a t***
n thay t8k ur werds away?

well heerz the scoop
on werds 4 p***
that u shood use insted
sew all ur posts don’t tern 2 toast
n u get 2 keap ur thred

doo doos fine
n most the time
doody iz ok
say “fecal mattah” at the chatter
n ur werds will probly stay

some werds r safe
some make them chaffe
some werds will b a hit
so chooze safe werds about those t***s
n stay away from s***.



At some point,  ismileutoo  simply dissappeared from the cyber world.  Goliath misses her (or him).


Court reforms: Review

Over 2 year ago,  J.W. Hardin proposed court reforms that would streamline the Clark County Courts and make them more efficient and improve the dispensation of Justice.

Let’s take a look at what was proposed back in June of 2013 and see how that’s going.


A.   ARRAIGNMENT COURT SESSION:  Everyday, every court seems to conduct arraignments of whatever new cases have been filed in THAT court.  This is duplicative. Now that ALL the Courts are Circuit Court (Just divisions of the one court)  The day’s “haul” of newly caught alleged criminals could be brought up and arraigned.  This could be done by a magistrate and the session could be a regular session, every day at 1. This would free the judges (and their courtrooms) up to do actual hearings and reviewing their motions and petitions and all that other cool judge stuff.

Once arraigned,  other pretrial hearings would be conducted by the assigned judge. But really,  ANYBODY can conduct an arraignment. This is duplicative waste of judge’s time. Plus, it also burdens the sheriff’s deputies that guard the prisoners.  This way we don’t have guards in Four, Two and One all at the same time. (Well, at least not just for arraignments).

2015:  This is not being done.  However, the Sheriff recognizes this problem. His proposal has been to try and have ‘video’ arraignments.  So far, thankfully, the Judges have refused this ‘solution’.  Video arraignents are not a reasonable solution.  No criticism intended of the Sheriff’s department, but video or closed circuit tv arraignments provide the rock bottom bare minimum of what is required. There is value …real value in the defendant being face to face with the judge and the prosecutor. Family’s can attend and often important issues are sorted out.  We once again recommend consideration of the GAW news proposal.

B.  PLEA SESSIONS:  Likewise,  there is no reason not to have ONE plea session.  I propose a daily plea session.   All cases with plea agreements could be set for a plea docket AFTER the agreement was reviewed and approved by the judge. Of course, open pleas won’t work for this but there is no reason not to have ONE plea session for approved plea agreements.  I also think,  this is the sort of thing that could speed the process. For D felony and  misdemeanors and other cases that don’t have executed sentence, (requiring a PSI)  these could be set on very short notice. Put ‘em on the docket and plead ‘em out.

2015:  This is not being done. However, the Courts are doing an excellent job (generally) in moving the pleas through.

C.  ELIMINATE LONG FORM PLEA AGREEMENTS:  You need to toss the long form plea agreement for 99 percent of the cases.  The way it works now,  the prosecutor and defense orally strike a deal.  This is concluded by the defense saying “we’ll take it” Then, instead of writing up the short form PA (as is used in Floyd, Harrison and other counties)  the process grinds to a halt as the Prosecutor now has to generate a long form plea agreement.   This can take quite a while.  It’s easy for the busy prosecutor to not get “right to it” .  Even if he/she does…it has to go to a secretary.  She has others she is working on or other tasks. So it gets ‘stacked’ in her pile.  Finally she gets to the file….she can’t read the note. She does her best but something gets garbled. It goes to the defense lawyer. Now he/she has to send it back or mark it up. Get the client to sign it…that means a trip to the jail or getting the client into the office. TIME PASSING. Once signed, back to the prosecutor.  Then it’s in a stack.  Finally get to it review it. If nothing is wrong….sign and file. TIME PASSING.   Now it goes to the judge’s office …stacked. Once the clerk gets to it is either assigned  plea date or ….sent to the judge for review.TIME PASSING.

2015:  This is being done. We now have shortforms that prosecutor’s fill out when the deal is struck.  Every one is happier. Thank you Jeremy Mull.

I believe the Long forms we are familiar with were an innovation in the late 1980’s in response to some cases that were attacked on PCR petitions for procedural failures. If you look at the long forms, they contain ALL the advisements the Courts now routinely give and THEN some. But,  after those PCR cases were ended circa 1990 ALL the judges and prosecutor’s learned how to take an iron clad plea. So we are using the long forms to protect against a problem that no longer exists.  In addition, the Courts are now using their OWN advisements and waiver forms that duplicate the warnings. FINALLY most of the judges ORALLY advise the defendants of their rights ANYWAY so what we have is a two-fold or three-fold duplication of  warnings (actually fourfold considering your Defense Bar actually knows it’s job and has advised the client before signing the plea of what they are doing and giving up.)  And why are we doing this Long form business?  To ‘solve or prevent’ a problem we NO LONGER HAVE.

D.   ELECTRONIC DISCOVERY:  In the year 2013,  this is almost embarassing. J.W. Hardin respectfully and humbley suggests the Clark County Prosecutor send a representative to New Albany to see how Floyd County is  sending Discovery via Email. This A. Saves Paper  B. Saves Time C. Ends disputes on whether the lawyer GOT the discovery (electronic trail)  D. Saves money (no copy costs)

I know, I know,  it hard to believe that ANYTHING good ever came out of that despicable FLOYD COUNTY,  but,  in this case…they actually are AN ERA ahead of Clark.  When  a Clark County lawyer attends a conference with a Floyd County prosecutor and the topic of discovery arises,  the Floyd County deputy prosecutor says, “what’s your email” and within about 45 seconds….the defense lawyer has it.   It’s a good system it almost always works.  Cool.  Plus,  the Floyd county prosecutor can pull up his ‘file’ and click right on the document he needs.  It’s awesome. No digging through the file for the right file…and ITS ALWAYS THERE.  Even if you had it out in your office looking at it ,  it doesn’t  ‘get lost’.

When some no good defense lawyer gets in front of the judge and says “We didn’t get that your honor”   The State can say…Hmmm  I sent you that on June 1, 2013 unless you changed your email account. (Defense lawyers need to make sure, however, they clear their spam filters sometimes if they don’t get the email when sent).

2015:   This is sort of,  sometimes, being done. But not really.  It is catch as catch can. Certainly no one has visited Floyd County and availed themselves of the vastly superior process. Too bad.

E.  ELIMINATE PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCES    This may seem like the most radical suggestion of all.  However,  I would urge all parties to consider what the PTC has evolved into.  Back in the day, the PTC was a useful  event.  Both sides met struck a deal the client signed off and  we get a sentencing date. That was how it worked then and its why we do them today. But, guess what…everybody….IT AIN’T WORKING. First off,  the PTC as it is in effect in 1,2 and 4 is  usually a waste of time.  The PTC are set on a certain day and the cases are stacked.  The lawyers are backed up waiting in the prosecutor’s office ALL MORNING. This wait can be, literally 3 hours long at times. A huge waste of the defense lawyers time an the client’s money. Of course, the prosecutor  doesn’t have this particular problem, but they do have the problem of ‘slam dealing’ maybe dozens of cases in a morning. Forgive me, but how can you do an individual case ‘justice’?   Meanwhile for cases in 1 and 4,  even if you get to some kind of an agreement in principle,  the prosecutor USUALLY has to (under the law) check the deal with the victims.  (And that is a whole different story) In any case,  as currently structured the PTC is usually or often as not un-productive.

I also note that the IRCP and statutes do not require PTC.  This is something courts came up with to help move the cases.  I believe that most serious deals get cut while the lawyers are doing other business, or in meetings arranged outside the Court’s schedule. phone call or email.   Competent Defense attorneys are going to do what it takes to get their deals made and do not need the PTC to make them have that incentive. The most important date is the DEADLINE for filing an agreement or Motion to Continue the trial. That’s when the deals get made.  So,  I propose we keep those deadlines and EMPHASIZE them and dump the PTC.   As an alternative,  maybe use the OMNIBUS date for this ‘official negotiation’ session.

2015:  Not only is this not been done, things are WORSE THAN EVER.   Now Juvenile PTC are done in the Prosecutor’s office.  There was even talk of moving Circuit 3 to the Prosecutor’s office. Meanwhile, the waiting area has been walled up,  a new policy with a locked door to access the offices and more people mobbed up in the hallway.  Disaster. 

F.  VICTIM NOTIFICATION:  The police need to begin gathering the alleged victim’s email or other electronic contact information as well as a phone number.  That info  should be used by the State to notify the victim of  A. proposed plea agreements B. Sentencing or hearing dates.  Of course, there will be some fraction of victims who do not have this. But, in 2013  the large majority will.  This would be a public service and assist in compliance with the State’s obligations to represent the victims.  They surely should be informed of court dates that are important to them as well as the defendant.

2015:  Not being done.  Sad really.  Sorry victims.

G. TIGHTEN PD ASSIGNMENTS  We all respect the right to counsel.  But it is a stone fact that  a portion of criminal defendants do not qualify and yet are assigned a PD.  I believe that in all cases in which the defendant has made bond,  and ALL D felony cases and misdemeanors,  the defendant should have to specifically request a PD and come to Court and show his or her indigency.   IF a defendant posts a $2,500 bond or more (for C felonys and up)  an already has a PD  there should be an immediate review of whether that person qualifies for a PD.  (1000 dollars for D felonies and $500 for misdemeanors).

In addition,  the Clark County Bar Assoc. OR the PD office should maintain a list of attorneys who are willing to take ‘discounted cases’.  (I hope I don’t need to explain that).

2015:  It does seem that the Courts have tightened up somewhat.  Still a problem however and no list of alternate private attorneys is available.

H.  UNIFORM POLICY FOR PROBATION AND HIP AND WORK RELEASE REVOCATIONS    I do not think there can be a ‘perfect’ solution or policy.  But their should be at least a general policy established that is uniform so that whether or not a petition to revoke is filed is not dependent on WHICH PO a defendant has.  This should not be dependent on the individual PO,  nor the individual Prosecutor, but it should be on the JUDGES and their policy should be uniform.

2015: There are changes.  It’s not clear to this writer what the policy is.  The prosecutors have now taken a position of  seeking executed full sentences of probation. Of course, that experiment is still underway but JW Hardin predicts it will evolve to some other model. 



Goliath rejects Wall of Fame award

Goliath sees HT done made a ‘wall of flame” for peopel what thinks is high born and noble and deserving of the special recognistons of HT and his foollowwers at

the horrible (but award winning) Batblog.   Goliath REJECTS this award on principles.  Goliath not need no dad blasted recognition of waht also recognizedthe likes of Pesty Flannigan.

Goliath is 3,000 year old. He certainly has many stars, buckles, medals and other manifestations of the great and mighty awe in which his works wondrous to behold is held.

Goliath content with his chickens and his wimmens.  As for the CCC…let them utter the smallest word and WAR


WAR in all it’s mighty horror will commence. Goliath done been very calm and peaceful but threats of war from CCC after all these months of quiet servitude by teh CCC

make Goliath wax wroth.  HE shall smite the CCC and all denizens what come to defend it as he has done so many times before. Hail Grumpy Granny….do not deny how

Gaw has vangqished thee on many and many occassions. Submit the the authority of Goliath!!!!

CCC declaring WAR?

Before the CCC declares WAR…they best remember back to back in the day.  Grump Granny…Goliath is TALKING TO YOU!!!!

Here just a small, very very small sample of the smack down Goliath can load on the CCC.  Goliath noteven involve…just use sock puppet Pesty (the original Flannigan version) to put hurt on the Chattah!



From 2010:


This Here page to collect all the collective wisdoms of ones who have been busted up, threatened,  scorned
or just plain tired of the chatter and the ones what ‘CONTROL’ the media there.


I thought it might be a good time to post some tips on how to be an effective poster on the CCC. Some people may worry whether they can be credible

posters. Before you consider jumping in to the fray and matching wits with the

denizens of the CCC take a moment and see if you can follow my tips here.
If so, you have a promising career ahead of you! Here are a few thoughts:
1. Be sure and start your own thread and then you can lord it over subsequent posters based on the authority conferred by being the “OP” (original poster).
2. Be sure and weave into your post your ‘support for the U.S. Military Service Men and Women” That way, if any one disagrees with what you have said…you can always jump down their throat on the grounds that they are not patriotic. (You can also use your “anti-child sex abuse” position for this, or “Christianity”)
3. If someone actually calls you on your bullshit…come right back and slam them with innuendo
or outright accusations about their courage, personal integrity, prior drug use, sexual promiscuity, poor breeding, lack of ‘real world experience’, or inability to handle themselves in
an actual fistfight (or handle a firearm). Insult their sexuality, lack of masculinity or lack of
feminity. Accuse them of being a poor parent. Feel free to state that your opponent “doesn’t
have a life” and is ‘on the computer all the time’ (don’t worry about the irony of such a claim),
4. If all that fails, you can always PM the moderators or administrator of the site. Deluge them
with complaints about the poster you don’t like and make their life miserable.
5. If THAT fails, then feel free to ‘cyber-stalk’ your opponent. Google their online names and
see where else that name appears. Then, post it all on the Chatter as ‘your right’ since “Hey,
it’s the internet age!”
6. Spend time cultivating other posters who share your personal views so you can call on them
for support when you get your flame war going.
7. If you are discussing a matter that touches, in any way, on the military or war or terrorism,
make sure to inquire if your opponent ‘actually served’ in the military. If you don’t get an immediate answer in the affirmative, proceed to belittle the poster’s views as “you could NEVER
understand” -type comments. If it turns out they DID serve…be sure to state “We thank you
for your service” and then proceed (see #3 above).
8. Feel free to jump down the throat of any poster who demonstrates an interest or knowledge in art, history, literature, science, engineering or any subject that requires “book l’arnin’ “
They are ELITISTS! Don’t hesitate to suggest their knowledge is just a slick way to subvert
true American values. Question their masculinity if they are a man. If the poster is a female,
insinuate that they probably aren’t very attractive….that’s why they are interested in ‘so called
intellectual matters’.
9. Vent umbrage at any post or poster that call into question the sincerity of your religious commitment/belief. You can really take the high road here and say almost anything you
10. Follow your opponent’s posts with care if you are bested in a ‘debate’. No doubt sometime
later they will make a mistake. Then feel free to jump in with both feet and remind them and
the forum of how they ‘attacked’ you (cite what thread and when it happened).


Anonymous said…

Pesty my very favorite metro-sexual man, I do believe you have just put to paper the ultimate guide to being successful on the CCC!! And I’m going to study it very hard, as I fear I’ve lost my mojo on the CCC!!…But, I’ll be back stronger than ever once I memorized all of your suggestions. I especially like #7!! And with that said Pesty, I’d like to thank-you for your service!! :) Jules

hoosiertaxpayer said…

LMAO, Great advice Pesty, I wish you would post this on the CCC… Great Job !!!

Anonymous said…

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous said…

What comment was deleted? Anyway, I think Pesty needs to add one more tip. 11. When caught in the act of plagiarism quickly edit your original post and try to discredit the messenger who breaks the news to others on the forum. ChopperWoman

Goliath said…

CW- I deleted a strange comment from an unidentified person that was directed to ‘Baby Jesus’ and made some obscure remarks. It did not reference any topic except the CCC and I think it was a spam message. BUT, THANKS FOR RULE 11 I encourage others to add to the ‘Rules’ -Pesty

Anonymous said…

I saw that deleted post, and thought huh??!! Geeez, what a day!!…My mother says I should play nicer on the “Chatter”!! LOL Jules

Anonymous said…

That was no spam message, that was a message from me, Ricky Bobby, racing legend and all around nice guy. I always pray to Baby Jesus before eating dinner or visiting message boards. I visited that board and got mauled by a cougar, my Crystal Gayle shirt is ruined and I didn’t learn a thing about kindness. Other than that it was great. Take care Jules, bye Goliath, I’m going to jump in my car now and go fast. 😉

Goliath said…

Me sorry Ricky…Me no unnerstand so me took it out. Apolegies!

Anonymous said…

That’s ok Goliath, it’s not your fault. I’m all jacked up on Mountain Dew and people tend to jump on me like spider monkeys on a cupcake.

Anonymous said…

CCC brings out the best in people don’t cha know, the more you read the dumber they get. I get more laughs from CCC than I do comics. The catfight that Abbysnanna has going on is a riot!!!!!

Anonymous said…

Enjoyed that did you??!! LOL So did we!! :) Although I’m trying to be a much better person now…Key word, “trying”!! For today anyway. :) Jules

cindiloohoo said…

“CCC brings out the best in people don’t cha know, the more you read the dumber they get. I get more laughs from CCC than I do comics. The catfight that Abbysnanna has going on is a riot!!!!!” I find it amusing that the avatar she has chosen for herself is more appropriate for a barely-legal, hot-to-trot stripper than someone’s “nana.” Pretty much screams female middle aged desperation. Might even explain a lot of the belligerence. Unlike Jules, I don’t try to be a nice when dealing with people who froth at the mouth (although I give Jules great credit and respect for her amazing self-control). Does that make me a bad person?

Conversations with the Commissioner

Goliath notes that commissioner Rick Stephenson has decided to have special sessions to listen to citizens and taxpayers questions  AND get them answered.


He says:

I want to thank everyone for their comments regarding me setting aside a night that anyone can meet with me and ask any questions they might have about the county. The results were overwhelmingly in favor of the idea.  

I have decided to have the meetings on the 2nd Monday of every month at 6pm. I will have the first meeting on November 9th. The meetings will be held in the Commissioner’s office on the 4th floor of the County Building. I have decided to call these meetings “Conversations with the Commissioner”, I know, kind of hokey but I have to call it something. 

I will listen to your issues and try to make them right. Understand that some of the issues might need some research, so you might not get an answer that evening. Also note that this will just be me, I will be working without a net. I will not have the county attorney present to answer any legal questions. I can only address issues that pertain to the County Government. If you have any questions about other offices of county government all I can do is forward that question to the appropriate office holder.

These meetings will be very informal and as the name implies, we will just be talking about issues that one might have with me or county government. I do not want to put to many rules in place that might hamper the open communication. We are going to play this by ear and see how it goes.

As always, anyone can contact me with issues by phone or e-mail. Phone number is 502-468-9325. E-mail is Also if you really need to speak to me in person and can not make the meetings on the second monday of the month drop me an e-mail or give me a call. I will meet you some place and some time more convienent for you.

Any group that would like for me to come and speak please contact me and let’s set up a date.  RickS

Operation Jade Helm

In texas (soon to be “New MassaTexas”)  communism is on the march.  In the Late summer of 2015 , the Kenyan born Muslim mole Hussein Obama (Praise Allah) set in motion a secret

plan to infiltrate the most true blue, bestest American State in the Union and turn it into a Sharia law loving, Muslim base for the overthrown of the White Christian traditional America as our

grandparents knew it.  No more Norman Rockwell paintings. No more Baseball.

Though some wise patriots saw the threat…no one identified what the real plan was. Obama had the UN troops mixed in with good american boys and these foreign shifty eyes

were armed not with bullets but with specially developed  acid and exstacy which they infiltrated into the texas water supply.  People minds have been boggled and Muhammed

is on them ,  running 7-11’s all over what was once the Great State of Texas.  Soon it will be renamed “MassaTexas” and then it will be on to Oklahoma and Kansas!!!!