Intrigues with the MSM and Gawnews

Goliath been quite busy lately…knocking around the back alleys of Jeffersonville.  Found some very good swag and what not.   All the sudden Goliath’s phone ring and Goliath quite and very surprise….it a call from the NT… “What?  You wants talk to Goliath?”

Turn out this about some on line informations what was sent to Goliath last Spring. For example:

What is this here?  It the Property Card for 438 Spring Street in Downtown Jeffersonsville and quite near the statue of the heathern demi-god Jefferson. It is also known as “The Southeast Victory Center” or,  AKA….Clark County GOP Headquarters.GOPHQ

Goliath knows this is the “Southeast Victory Center” because the GOP website says so!

The Clark County Republican Party is located at 440 Spring Street, Jeffersonville. It has been named The Southeast Victory Center by Chairman Noel.”

And who OWNS this here?  Utica Township Volunteer Fire Fighters Association. That’s who!   Who runs the U T V F F A?   Jamey Noel.    Who runs the Clark County GOP? Jamey Noel.   Aint’ that cool?  That’s what you call ‘Multi-tasking’!